Fire Extinguisher Service, Protection Systems in Williamstown, New Jersey

With Harring Fire Protection, LLC, you and your building are safeguarded from all manner of fire hazards. Our fire protection services involve inspecting, repairing, and installing fire protection systems of every size.

Fire Protection Repairs and Inspections

We can handle any type of repairs you need for your fire protection systems and equipment. We also perform annual safety inspections, which include inspecting fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers.

If your fire extinguisher is empty or damaged, we will give you a loaner extinguisher while we service yours. We often perform common fire protection repairs on equipment and systems such as:

• Broken Water Pies
• Wet Sprinklers
• Dry Sprinklers
• Pre-Action Sprinklers
• Kitchen Suppression Systems

New Installations

From one sprinkler head to complicated, multiple fire protection systems, Harring Fire Protection can handle any new installation project. Our company will design a sprinkler system specifically for your building, and we can even retrofit a building with a complete fire protection system.

We follow all NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines, and are fully licensed and certified. 

Sprinkler, Fire Extinguisher Service, Fire Protection Systems in Williamstown, NJ

Contact us in Williamstown, New Jersey, with any questions about our fire extinguisher service and fire protection systems.